holiday cheer

a package arrived tonight from my dad and his family. i wasn't expecting anything, as we haven't spoken in almost exactly a year, and the last time we did speak, things didn't go too well. i sent him and his family gifts for the holidays, you know, the usual: best buy gift cards, illegally shipped wine, cute hair accessories, and when i got this big box, i was thinking what a lovely box of coal! haha. but no coal. it's three boxes of breakfast type food.

first, alphie, our bomb-sniffing cat, checked out the package for anything suspicious.

upon finding it clean, he returned to his new kitty toy, determined to get high off of catnip for the 8th hour in a row.

but what was in the box, or boxes be to more accurate?

jam, coffee, tea bread, crumpets, and 3 things of english muffins. regifted, yes, and smelling like nitrogen or something similar, of course. but it's the thought that counts, right? let me know if you'd like some english muffins, i've got 15 of 'em.

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