i'm netting some flix

we signed up for netflix a few weeks ago. finally, with the promise of 4,000 united miles, it seemed worth it. now we get our movies delivered to our doorstep (or mailbox) and we don't have to trek to albertsons or into video to choose a movie from what's in stock. now, i don't mind taking my business away from albertsons, as their video section is actually run by some mormon company out of utah who screens the movie selections based on their conservative and non-polygamist values. that's right, that's why you won't find any michael moore movies there (because their conservative- nothing to do w/polygamy). but i really like into video- it's a local independent small business with a few locations in sf, and they carry a great selection of pretty much every movie, tv show, and special event you could ask for. plus they have free red vines. so while i'm excited about the frequent flier miles, i'm carrying around guilt and anger at myself for taking into video one more step towards extinction. at least i'll still go there for my p0rn. just kidding.

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