don't snip at me

today's the big day. no, not graduation. already did that twice. and not that big day. no, it's haircut day. w/the recommendation of a colleague and my past issues w/hair stylists, i'm trying alex sandor, who used to cut and trim and wack over at mr. pinkwhistle. now, what kind of name is mr. pinkwhistle? dunno. but i hope that alex turns out to be great. i'm hoping to keep the length, be able to wear it curly when necessary, get a little bit of layering for some bounce, and for it to not go flat and blah so easily. i want a look for today, one that says "i'm an adult" and not just "i saw this do on jennifer aniston/eva longoria." not too much to ask for, yet it is. sigh. so which me luck getting snipped, chopped, and remade into "becca 2006."

go here to see/hear the results.

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