have a nice trip, see you next fall.

we're looking to take a 1-2 week "real" vacation this summer, and we'd like it to be as veggie-friendly as possible. nothing sucks more than eating cheese and bread for your entire vacation. sure, the first day or so you're like "baguette et frommage!" but soon you just want to barf at the sight of brie. so this weekend, i sent out a request to one of the veggie lists asking for hotel/restaurant/destination recommendations. i'm thinking italy, greece, india, china, france, costa rica.... but no, someone suggested gainesville, florida. now, that's not a vacation. gainesville is hicksville, usa. really. lots of red plaid, smokers, pick-up trucks, and bush-supporters. guess this "vacation" is some kind of volunteer program where you donate your week or two to a farm sanctuary, cooking, cleaning, and sweating on the farm in exchange for... nothing. but c'mon, a relaxing vacation hanging out with chickens in gainesville? you might as well suggest texas.


James said...

BECCA! You two need to come to Germany and stay with us! You then dont have to pay for a hotel, you are in Duesseldorf which is a nice city. Also, you will be only a one hour train ride to Amsterdam, Netherlands AND to Brussels, Belgium. You can take a commuter train from Duesseldorf to Cologne that takes only 25 minutes and then board a high speed train to Paris that arrives in only 3 hours! So, I have decided, your vacation will be to GERMANY! Email me!

Becca said...

is there a train from germany to hawaii? now that would be perfect. we'll look into it!