my name is mud

because of all the rain, my normal path to work is buried in 4 inches of mud. i tried walking home the direct way on monday, and i had to lift my pants up really high and tread carefully, hoping not to slip and slide my way there. arriving home with mud still clinging to the sides of my boots, i knew i had to alter my course, so now i walk through the panhandle towards masonic in the morning and evening, and you know, even though it adds 5 minutes or so to my commute, it's great! i get to see happy dogs walking and chasing big tennis balls, which is a huge plus, and it helps detract from the sweaty runners. plus, it's relaxing to just look up and see green trees and smell a little more fresh air than normal. my brain really appreciates the extra oxygen. plus, my shoes are a lot cleaner, and you can't beat that.

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