queue are you?

this weekend, we watched two movies compliments of netflix: march of the penguins and born into brothels. guess i wasn't looking ahead in my queue b/c i didn't realize we'd be getting two documentaries at the same time over a long weekend. i have nothing against documentaries. bowling for columbine was great, as was super size me. i literally fell asleep, though, during the corporation, and that would have been alright, except we were in the theater. with other people. snore. but really i think of myself as more of an independant movie fan or a sci-fi person (princess mononoke and star wars and lord of the rings and spaceballs for example). right, so on topic, both of these movies were excellent, and now i'm looking at what else i can add to my queue. right now, i'm thinking the story of the weeping camel and the fog of war. and now that i say "queue" regularly, what's next? wait for me, mate. i need to use the loo. you've got a huge arse. screw the stairs, let's take the lift. it's raining. guess i'll put on my wellies. are you peckish? have a bickie!

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