there is no spoon

matrix ping pong. what more could you ask for?


James said...

Becca, how did you get the video on your blog? I want to do that, too on my blog. Can you email me instructions or a link or info? By the way, if you are looking for a NON-STOP flight from San Francisco to Duesseldorf (DUS) for this summer, I want to inform you that there is a good German airline that is based here in Duesseldorf, LTU. You can fly NON-STOP from SFO to DUS and their fares are very competitive. Check them out because that would be the easiest way to get here: http://www.ltu.com/world/

Becca said...

i found this video at http://video.google.com. when you watch a video, there's a link on the right to add it to your webpage! simple and easy:)

thanks for the airline advice, james! fares are high right now, but we're hoping they come down in the coming months. i'll keep my eyes out for ltu!