a whole new world

so the haircut yesterday was... interesting. at least the process was. the "salon" is actually a little mini-studio in pac heights in a basement of an apartment building along w/other "art" studios. there's a communal bathroom for the floor, but no kitchens or anything. alex's room is set up w/a washer station on glass blocks, a desk and computer, and then a room w/the styling chair, a chest full of brushes, a shelf of products, and a corner dedicated to an array of plants, keys (really. keys displayed like artwork. on the floor.), and a couch. i felt like i was in the middle of some art studio or museum really, only with euro techno music thumping wildly and not about to get my hair done. we got to know each other while he shampooed me, and i found out that he knows one of my coworkers, and he even tried to date her, except she was too christian. um. ok. later, he insisted i get 3 inches cut off, and i told him it had to be long enough for a decent pony tail and couldn't be too wild. so i ended up with a cut that has 3 totally different layers in it- one "short" one underneath to take out the bulk, a longer one on top of that, and a layer of shorter ones up near the top of my head. i'm not used to it yet, but we'll see- it's definitely something i've never had before. more like becca 2010.

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James said...

The new 'do looks great!