brakes on the cake

for v-day, i had planned to make todd his favorite cake ever. a boston creme pie. which is a cake and not a pie. i'd never made one before, so i researched vigorously and after much hard thought, picked my recipes carefully. i layed out a whole day to make it, allowing enough time for the cakes to cool, the custard to congeel, and the chocolate ganache topping to chill... but what i didn't figure in was a plan b. now, i normally have a plan b somewhere in the back of my mind, and not plan b the contraception, but plan b that saves your ass when others are yelling "abort, abort!" and running right and left to evacuate from the space station. so i put the top part of the cake on the custard, and dum-dah-dum! it all ran off. guess i didn't heat it long enough to solidify just right. so now it's a yellow cake with a moat of custard and a partial ganache topping with added heart sprinkles for extra flair and flirtation. whoa is me. and all todd got was a stupid t-shirt. too bad it didn't say "my girlfriend screwed up my cake and all i got was this lowsy t-shirt."

two things that did turn out well this weekend were the apple puff pastry with raspberry sauce for breakfast and chocolate covered orange peel. yum. hopefully these made up for the disasterous cake/pie from hell!

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James said...

That Boston Creme thingy looks good. That is MY FAVORITE DESSERT, TOO!