we'd like to check-in, please.

my mom and her significant other (kevin's past the acquaintance, boytoy, and boyfriend stages, so i guess he's significant other now!) might visit in june, and i realized i only have 4 1/2 months to plan! i love planning for guests- not sure why exactly, but i enjoy thinking about all the great restaurants to take them to and all the wonderful views to show them and which shops to poke around in... and now i need to create a list separate from the july list for potential sister visit. (i know a few things not to include like riding the westin "outdoor" elevators straight to the top--mom almost blew chunks!--and driving up and then down the fillmore hill. heights, especially those that creep up on you quickly, are not a good idea.) so far, motherly list includes:

potential restaurants
  • kokkari - love love love. veggies options plus non-veggie. big, airy, modern architecture with definite greek/med influences. impeccable service.
  • minako - duh. inventive sushi and an experience not to miss.
  • golden era - all veggie vietnamese in the tenderloin. now, yes, i take my mom to the tenderloin. in fact, we've been before, and 4 years laters, she's still raving about it! a few years ago, two of her friends were in town, and they insisted we go, too, so it's catching on:)
  • mescolanza - perfect traditional italian in the richmond. really, the best italian is not in in north beach. i promise.
  • the richmond - a new bistro and wine bar on balboa. it's a locals' secret, but the word's getting out. great wine list, plus the chef really goes the extra mile in service and presentation. yum.
  • sociale - we've been to sociale before, but it's always an option again. sitting outside is the best, under the stars. great heating lamps and cobblestone patio. one of the best wine lists in the city.
  • feel real cafe - the food's good, and it's all dairy-free so the kevster will be safe, plus we can walk to the beach afterwards (or before. or both)! because when you're not living on the beach in florida, you should visit all other beaches.
places to go and see
  • golden gate bridge - it took me 5 years to walk it, but it was beautiful, and i wish i'd done it sooner.
  • hot cookie - over on castro. where else can you get a penis cookie covered in chocolate and boob ones with sprinkles? i said boob. hehehehehe!
  • saturday farmers' market at the ferry building - we went before and it was fun. lots of samples, plus seeing real tomatoes. sigh.
  • views - land's end, baker beach, randall museum, crissy field.
  • wine tasting - especially at the little known wineries. mmm. lush.


Todd said...

... and you make fun of me that whenever my family gets together most of what we do is eat? 95% of your 'ideas' are involve eating food.
Martha, hope you're hungry.

Becca said...

the point is i like to plan! and as you've graciously pointed out, my planning is a little lopsided at the moment. thanks. :P