cowbell woman, here i come

i've been sucked into the whirly burly world of baseball. last year was initiation year -- i went to games, fed the players (and yes, i'm somewhat the cause of ricardo rincon's transformation from short and stocky to butterfingers), cheered loud and small, and even went on autograph hunts. during the offseason, i stared longingly at my 2005 roster picture (and trust me, if my eyes had laser beams like superman's, this poster would be long gone) and dreamed of opening day 2006 (of which nobody can go to b/c it's sold out and tix are being sold at ridiculous prices of $150 a ticket!). yes, i'm itching to go to oakland -- who would have thunk?-- and i've even drafted a fantasy team (with some very needed help) and declined two (atrocious) trades. obviously, i'm in over my head. but if you think i'm crazy, think of the people playing fantasy auto racing. now those people need a life.

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James said...

Hey Becca! I'm ok with everything except you itching to go to Oakland! ;)