eating feats

trader joe's made my day last month with their new dried hibiscus flowers. perfect for snacking, not too sweet, yum yum yum. after i devoured my first bag, i dilligently returned, hoping to stock up on this floral treat. but oh no! they've been out of stock ever since the first shipment. seems they didn't realize the hibiscus flowers were going to revolutionize the dried edible flower world! keep your eyes out for some, and if you see them, buy. in bulk. lots.

trader joe's new cornmeal crust pizza dough is also a solid new product. with ours, i made a tasty deep dish pie, complete with eggplant, spinach, and mushrooms. zesty and zinful.

last on my food list of the day: savory cheese and spring onion scones. the recipe calls for scallions, but i had spring onions, and they worked out just find. these are perfect for a cool morning or in addition to a hearty dinner. next time, i may try substituting cheddar cheese for the feta to get a little more "punch."

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James said...

I MISS TRADER JOE'S! Matt and I need to move back to the US soon! ;)