unravel that travel

my sister and i are planning a trip to ye old midwest at the end of june. we're going to hit 3 grandparents in approx. 4 days, no small feat when you consider one grandmother has already scheduled us for a show downtown, meal at their favorite indian restaurant (and probably the only one in dayton, oh), shopping for plaid and all things red, dinner with "some friends," and some driving around time. thankfully, we don't be there for church. she did, though, mention that we'd have to eat out all the time, and when i asked why, she said it's because i don't eat "anything real." um. no. i don't eat anything that's been conscious, running, swimming, or squirming. there's a diference. *sigh*

so we've got the airline reservations just about taken care of and the hotel in cincinnati. guess it's time to move onto my other vacation planning: germany, prague, and other fun, exciting, and romantic areas of europe! i spent a good deal of my morning pouring over guidebooks: frommer, foders, let's go, see it, lonely planet, hostels of europe, you name it, i grazed it. i'm even more confused now, but hopefully ready to tackle it soon. the u-bahn, though... i need more information, and books just aren't helping. perhaps i have to take that step we all dread and call - gasp - a travel agent. dum-dee-dum!

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