do you know the way to santa fe?

last week, while walking through the tenderloin, i got the best psuedo-job proposal in, well, months. there was sun out, and i'm sure at least one plainclothes cop in the area, so i figured i could walk from van ness to leavenworth unharmed. i get about 2 blocks into my 4 block walk, and this plaid/baggy pants man comes out of nowhere and starts walking. with me. at my pace (slow but getting faster. much faster.).

man: hey, girl! whatcha up to? got a job?
becca: um... (honestly, no, but neither does anyone else in this area of town. at least not a legal one that's reported to the irs.)
man: want to come with me on a trip? i've got a band and some instruments and a van, and we're going to new mexico next month for some gigs. we could use a girl like you. whaddaya say?

now what about me screams homeless rock band director/tour masseuse and sexual fantasy coordinator? was it the relaxed fit, bootcut khakis? or perhaps the book in hand that had lots of 4-syllable words and no pictures? note to self:
1) make effort to blend in with the locals. schedule trip to madame s.'s.
2) check out things to do in santa fe.

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James said...

What a creep. Try not to walk in the Tenderloin--even in the daylight.