just hum with me

this week has been a whirlwind of informative interviews, mad-dash job searching, and ... well, that's it, really. so today I broke out the mixer (i really need a kitchenaid, hint hint) and made martha stewart's hummingbird cupcakes. now, i didn't have a fresh pineapple on hand to make the pineapple flowers (if i could, i'd just reach out my window, tap the tree a few times, and let a ripe pineapple just saunter it's way to the ground, but i can't. we live in san francisco, martha. fresh pineapples are as rare as you wearing synthetic fabrics.), so I used dried pineapple slices from trader joe's. and i don't overpower my cupcakes with dollops of frosting. but these cupcakes turned out pretty well. plus, if you leave off the frosting, they taste pretty muffiny- and who doesn't love a hummingbird muffin (or 5) for breakfast? just note that the recipe says it produces 24 cupcakes, but we ended up somewhere near 36. and what will i do with 36 cupcakes? perhaps i can make a hummingbird sandwich...

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