just one day out of life...

checked my email this morning, and what do i have but a weekend special getaway offer from wyndham hotels... oooh, i'm excited! maybe we could go up to sonoma or somewhere on the coast. get away from it all. relax. have air conditioning.

well, sure. but only in tampa. florida.the place where it rains every afternoon in the summer. and it's hot. and then there's hurricane season. and did i mention that the "special offer" is for tampa? not miami. or fort lauderdale (where i get free lodging anway). or sanibel island. or the keys. but tampa? notice it sounds very similar to tampon.

Wyndham Tampa Westshore - rates from $59/night for only 72 hours!
Take advantage of our special weekend employee rates from $59/night for only 72 hours! Stay with us on a weekend anytime between July 28 and September 30, 2006 and you'll pay our great low rates from just $59/night.

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James said...

Now you know you love Tampa in the summer with the heat, afternoon downpours, the following humidity, the bugs, the rednecks, etc...You MUST visit Tampa soon. ;)