nice cutlery. wanna fork?

why is it that some things are packaged in strange numbers? like today, i resupplied our floor's kitchen with plastic forks, as no one else seemed able nor eager enough to walk down a floor to do so. i grabbed a package and trudged back upstairs, thinking there are 30, maybe 40 forks in a package, but no. it's 51. not even 50. what's with the odd number, people? and who really wants place settings for 51? what are we, from mars or something?


Seemon Sim said...

Interesting question.
Why 51, NOT 50? But 7 is perfect number to this miracle world, why?

We have 7 days a week.
We chant 7 times for our praying.
The best counting is using 7 to make any furniture.
Anything x 7 is a lucky number to someone.

Interesting blog.
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Ken said...

Becca, I have wondered the same thing about packs of 51 forks, etc. for a long time, have you found any answers?

Feel free to email!