wedgie tales

on muni this morning, there was a mom and her two little girls in the back, all facing each other. well, one girl was next to mom and the other girl was sitting facing the other little girl. both little girls looked to be around 5-6 years old. first the girls started singing some song about how they wanted to eat hamburgers. "i want a hamburger, i want a hamburger, i want a hamburger, yum yum yum" or something like that. so after screaming about dead cows, and at the suggestions of their mom, they moved on to dead cows with cheese. "i want a cheeseburger..." and when it couldn't get any worse, or so i thought, they moved on to asking for wedgies. who asks for wedgies? and why not veggies instead? at least balance the psuedo-meal a little.
little girl #1: mom, i want a wedgie. please?
little girl #2: mom, give me one, too! i want one, tooooooooo.
#1: giggle giggle tee hee hee.
mom: i'm not giving you no wedgie. we're on the bus.
#2: i'll give you one! here! (gets up, reaches across, and pulls on sister's underwear. hard.)
#1: wooo-hoo!
#2: now give me one!
#1: ok! (gives loving, adoring sister the wedgie from hell.)
#2: haheeeehaheeeeehaheeee!
(5 minutes later) mom: honey, how did your underwear get stuck up your butt?
if this is how carpool started for me everyday, i'm sure i'd be a completely different person. and i'd probably love thongs, too.

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