ideas for life

my partner in crime is taking a 2 1/2 week sojourn to the carribean to visit his mom. being the good girlfriend that i am, i offered him my handy dandy digital camera, allowing him to capture those irreplaceable memories as pictures and 3-minute videos without the use of film, fingerpaints, and cave drawings. but under one teeny tiny condition. if anything happens to my camera that takes it from well-cared-for and semi-high performing to not, he owes me a new one. and not the same camera. but a better one. now, i love my little panasonic lumix to death, i really do. and todd's only on day 2 of his trip. but i'm secretly hoping that once he transfers all his files to his mom's computer, somewhere around day 18, the litle sort-of-shiny camera quietly hops away, throws itself into the river, and swims downstream towards the friendly blue-green waters and black sands of dominica.

but until then, enjoy one of the last images i took with it. this was while waiting for bart after an oakland a's game (they won!). what you don't see in the picture is the train opening it's doors and everyone running from the back of the plaform, heaving themselves (and their offspring) towards the moving doors before the train exits the platform while making those xena warrior princess blood-curdling yells. ok. that didn't happen. but what was weird was that the train did stop. typical bart.

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