the kneed for a vacation

so my left kneecap is officially fractured, and i have to be in a brace for 6-10 weeks. and use crutches. and not bend my knee. thankfully, no surgery is needed at this point. but aaaaah because this still means no vacation :( so far, i've begged and pleaded, and am getting a refund from priceline and a credit from aloha airlines. no word yet from the condo rental.

one good thing i can say about this experience is that the doctors, nurses, and staff at ucsf are amazing. i spent most of my day there yesterday, crutching from department to department, and people couldn't have been any nicer. plus x-ray on the 3rd floor has an amazing view of the park, the bridge, and beyond. too bad they don't have a baseball team to root for.

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James said...

No...I really didn't try to cast a spell on your leg. I am sorry you got hurt.....Now you can come to Amsterdam instead!!!!