what's a girl to do?

todd comes back from dominica in just a little over 4 days, which means i have 4 days left to complete the rest of my "when the boyfriend's away, becca will play" list. this includes:
  • finish "trying new things." therefore, dump girlfriend of just under 2 weeks. let her know it's not her, it's me, and i'm just not into that kind of thing. really. but hide ex-girlfriend in closet. you know, just in case.
  • clean apartment to get rid of any trace of those wild, late-night parties while utilizing all of the method products i have yet to master. tape # for 1-800-keggers to fridge for later use.
  • multi-task and save the environment: accumulate all of my laundry and do 1 load total, not 3 like when mr. man is here (how many shirts can one person wear in a week? the answer: at least 13). plus with one load, i can practice my ability to carry my clean clothes home in one hand while doing my nails, petting the neighbor's poodle, and finding a cure for chain-smoking colleagues with the other. bonus!
  • hit the gym 25 more times with the hope of achieving that "honey, i must have just really, really missed you and forgotten to eat" look.
  • cheer on the a's. finally turn to god (with the help of huston) in the hopes that rich harden's comeback (as opposed to liriano's) is successful. become girl of the book. for a month or so. and by book, i mean playbook.

top photo © me, emerald pool, dominica
bottom photo
© me, bout sable beach, dominica

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