make believe

In a meeting recently, we were talking about learning and working styles, and somehow I got back to thinking about elementary school. All the boys would go play football or tag or be all rowdy, and a bunch of us girls got together by the swing set to play, of all things, my little pony. Each of us had a pony name, and we rode around the playground in little packs, skipping and cantering and jumping. Being the organizer that I was, I made sure each girl represented a pony, but not just any pony: the actual pony names (for all I know, I carried numbered lists with me, too). And if we ran out of pony names, the girls would name the unnamed girls with the same names like cotton candy #2 and blossom #5. but I was such a control freak, I said no. I put my foot down, stomped around, and kicked the #ed out. Go back to the jungle gym! You weren’t quick enough to grab a pony name before the other girls? Too bad.

looking back on this, I feel incredibly guilty because I wasn’t trying to be a dictator or be mean. But I’m practical. And rely on consistency. And need logic and focus go guide me. And how can you have 4 different girls, all being blue Belle? So to all my kindergarten through 2 grade female classmate, 20 years later, I apologize for being bossy and demanding and too pragmatic for my own good. Sort of.

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Brooke said...

I just remember that my favorite was Apple Jack, so I probably picked that one most of the time. I probably also would have thrown a tantrum if some other girl tried to be Apple Jack #2, so maybe I was part of the problem...