not too sweet

for thanksgiving, i've been given the task of making cranberries (from seed stage) and dessert. the cranberries are easy- i've got 16 oz. washed and frozen, just itching to break out of their skin and socialize with some sugar and mandarin orange zest. dessert is going to be bread pudding, dulce de leche bread pudding. i made one sometime last year, and todd scarfed it up pretty quickly. that's a good sign, right? so i went searching for dulce de leche (pre-made is so much easier), but came up empty. yesterday, i called 5 different grocery stores, finally come up with a big dingdingding when i called rainbow (a worker-owned cooperative...). after work, i trekked over to rainbow, avoided the baked goods at all cost (although they don't carry brother juniper's wild rice and onion bread anymore, so the carb aisle isn't as tempting), and stared straight at the dulce de leche section. except there was nothing there. except a recipe on how to make it from a can of condensed milk at home. i found the girl i had spoken to not 2 hours earlier, and she was very apologetic, even allowing me to take the recipe (laminated and highlighted for my cooking ease) home with me. i may scavenge the mission tomorrow, but in case i come up empty, i have a back-up. so thursday, as everyone else is cooking, roasting, or smoking something of the unturkey (or ununtukey) variety, i most likely will be staring at a can of condensed milk in a vat of bubbling water for 3 hours, and knowing my luck, the can will burst and our recently cleaned and spotless kitchen (thanks to verde) will be covered in caramel. bet it's never tasted better, though. mmm, linoleum.

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