mo money mo problems

i've been trying to figure out how to blow spend my birthday (received) and holiday (yet to come) money. on one hand, i'd really enjoy the canon digital rebel xt, yet i could go all out and make a splash with all new pricey accessories for the new year.

for instance, how about a purse that doubles as a pet? for just a measley $887.95 (originally $1,388.95), pocket change really, you could be "spotted" all over town toting this carlos falchi handbag in tow. at night, feed it a little kibble and bits, and it'll purr just like a sweet (and squished-face) yet expensive purebread himalayan. in fact, the real kitten probably cost more, so this purse is a bargain! plus, no emptying the litter or cleaning up hairballs.

but perhaps shoes are more your style. well, get pimpin' with these metallic rabbit feet boots. poor little wabbits went poof just so you could be reflective, warm, and fashionable. all this at a reasonable price of $1,143.95; just think of the airline miles you could earn!

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