ring my bell

and i thought some of those telemarketer calls were strange...

(picking up ringing phone at work): this is becca.
male caller (w/ a pretty good sounding british accent): hallo. um. i don't know who you are.
b: were you trying to call me?
caller: i don't know. i was going through the contacts in my rolladex, and i found this number with the letters "bh" next to it, so i thought i'd call.
b: ok! hi.
caller: eh. uh. ah. so... who are you?
b: my name is becca and i work at [insert my thriving do-gooder employer here].
caller: west-what? what does your company do?
b: educational research and development. we're a not-for-profit in san francisco.
caller: oh. i've never heard of you.
b: yeah, i've sort of gotten that idea. what's your name?
caller: sean [last name].
b: and where do you work?
caller: i used to work at [insert now-defunct student loan company here].
b: oh! you know todd [last name withheld just for the fun of it].
caller: yes. i know todd!
b: in fact, i think you were his boss!
caller: that's right. (pause) how did you know that?
b: oh, todd's my boyfriend, and i've met you before.
caller: oh....
b: so why do you have my work number with my initials in your rolladex?
caller: um. dunno. gee, i guess i should go now. it was nice speaking with you.

so note to boyfriend: stop giving my number out to coworkers. i don't do that kind of thing anymore. k?

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