cream, sh-boogie bop

this year, with the exorbitant prices all the restaurants were charging for 3 lettuces leafs, some bland pasta, a dessert to share, and a stuffy waiter in our face for 2 hours, we decided to do v-day in. to best all those suckers who are now poorer than panhandlers, we ordered in paneer tikka masala, popped open a bottle of $5.99 italian sparkling wine, and watched the worst romantic pseudo-comedy ever made. to top it all off (and to add more cream to our already happy yet full stomachs), i made a variation of this chocolate mousse recipe. semisweet shavings replaced cocoa powder and i used extra bittersweet chocolate in place of just plain ol' bittersweet. the result? a very happy and super, yet sleepy, boyfriend.

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