dude, you're so trashed

lately, i'd been feeling guilty about trash. yes, a strange thing to impart guilt upon a 27-year-old professional, but it's true. i would walk by the trash can in the kitchen, and i swear it would yell at me in this high-pitched sing songy voice, saying "i smell! why do i smell? why do you throw away banana peels and moldy cheese in me? why doesn't the massive pile of recycling smell like me? care, dammit, care! you stink!"

last week, sitting in my cube, i had a minor environmental epiphany: i'd get a compost system. ah, but this is not as easy as it seems, young padawan. a compost system can be large in size AND worms AND costs. and we don't want worms. or have space for something big in size. i hit cole hardware in search of an answer, and after intense thoughtfulness (aka staring at a wall of electrical sockets and debating whether or not to stick my fingers in them), decided on a formula for success.

now, funny enough, when i looked up, there were light bulbs over my head. karma, eh?

after watching an inconvenient truth and hearing the latest global warming reports, i know i should have started earlier, but at least it's a start!

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