s is for...

after the whole knee debacle where my primary care doc kept insisting i only bruised my knee and sent me hobbling home on my own to further tear cartilage and bone from limb, i've been looking for a new primary care doc, someone who is a little bit warmer (which in this case might be around 40 degrees on an average day) and, well, intelligent. not just anyone with a phd from northwestern (i think i saw one for sale on ebay last week), but someone who can takes those smarts and wrap them up and spit them out into something that actually makes sense. i've been incredibly happy with the sports medicine and ob/gyn departments at ucsf, so i filled out the online form for a new pcp appt. less than 24 hours later, i got a call confirming my new patient appointment with my new doc. first available appointment? in may. that's right, 2 1/2 months away. but the kicker? the appointment chick says, "your appointment is with dr. stevens. as in steven stevens. that's one steven, then another steven with an "s" at the end of it (giggle, giggle, snort)." it must suck to be him.

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