a freak at heart

i've been riding the bus to work for the past 9 months (before that, i walked to work, and before that, well, i took the bus). at first, i'd board the bus at my "regular stop," that is, the stop closest to my apartment that is also closer to downtown. after awhile, though, i was fed up. by the time i got on the bus, there would be no place to sit (especially if a bus was missing from the line), and i'd get crushed in the back. getting off downtown was a nightmare, with the bus driver often closing the back doors and moving on to the next stop before all of us scramble through the loads of unaware riders superglued to each other, all sticky, sweaty, and exhausted from being crammed into a too-tight space for all of us working professionals, school-bound children, and miscellaneous riders. after some thought, i decided why not go to the next farthest out stop? it's the same walk from the house, but 1 block west. that first day, i was elated- nobody else waits at that stop. and why? there's no coffee shop or dry cleaner or mailbox or corner store/porn depository at the intersection (and you know how i love porn with my morning coffee). now, instead of fighting with 10 people for those last 6 seats, i'm 1 of maybe 3 or 4 happily placing my round tookas in 1 of 10 seats, and i don't give anyone a concussion with my gym bag or umbrella. someone passed along this link to me today, and i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who's realized this (although i didn't do it in such a scientific way).

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