nerve gas

i lucked out last week when my main squeeze offered me a ride home after work. yippee, i get to ride in a car! most likely, i slightly resembled lulu, the great dane we had when i was growing up, what with my head stuck out the window, hands clutching the door, and ears, tongue, and hair flapping in the wind and all. but then i had a scooby doo moment (yes, another great dane! they're the best pooches ever.), where he goes "ruah ruow," and his ears perk up a little bit. $3.77 for the low grade of gas? the station across the street was 40 cents cheaper, so i think this is what is commonly referred to as extortion. but as i normally ride the bus to and fro, my extortion exposure is pretty low, unless you count paying $45 a month to hang onto a bar by your pinkie while getting crushed by busloads of people, many of whom whack your head repeatedly with their fashionably oversized yet commutably irresponsible handbags, before tearing yourself away to bolt towards the door and out into world, all the while going a mere 3 miles in 40 minutes, increasing the frizz factor, and perspiring enough to fill a kiddie pool at high noon. at least the clouds were sort of pretty in the background.


Matt said...

$3.77 is very high, I agree, and I never understood how gas prices can vary by as much as 40 cents just for crossing the street.

However, since you are coming to visit us soon in Amsterdam, I thought you might be interested in the fact that gas prices in the Netherlands are somewhere between $6 and $7 a gallon -- not sure whether you guys are planning on renting a car any of the days you are here but may want to keep that in mind.

A car is not really needed here either and actually more of a hassle than of use considering that you practically need a prescription or bribe someone to get a parking space the size of a shoe box on a one-way street with nothing more than a one-inch wide rail preventing your car or yourself from falling into the canal as you try to squeeze yourself out of the driver seat...

Becca said...

that gas station was up to $3.87 last weekend. glad we have a hybrid and use the bus! about a car, we won't be renting one. trolly, bus, train, tram, boat, and feet work for us:)