smile, you're on candid camera phone!

two interesting sights on the bus recently.

the first one i'll refer to as nose man. now, while i've had a crooked nose for years, i'm finally looking into getting it fixed cuz it'd be nice to be able to breathe well, not snore and wake up the neighborhood, and take sick days for things other than constant congestion and sinus pressure. but if i had a nose that had a flat tip like a hammerhead shark, well, i would have had that thing fixed years ago.

the second image is from our weekend with todd's cousin and friend, both from boston and more accustomed to the new england way of life. we were out giving the traditional nighttime tour of the panhandle/lower haight/castro area of the city. surprisingly, we weren't offered any balloons, shot at, or hit on. instead, we discovered biking attire nouveau (take note, mom, em, and kevin!), and this was truly the best sight of the night (although i feel bad for the possum).

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