the bee's knees

i'm approaching my first full day of recovery following knee surgery, and it sounds like it went well. a little trimmed meniscus here, a little tissue issue over there. i'm all situated on the couch, ready to drift off into some kind of hazy sleep. i vicodined last night, and it helped, but i woke up all fuzzy feeling, although that may have been since alphie slept under my chin most of the night. some challenges associated with post-surgery recovery:

1. no full showers until the middle of next week. this will lead me to having to contort 2/3's of my body in the shower while todd holds onto my left leg outside of the tub.
2. if i drop something, i'm screwed, unless the dropped something is big. then i can use my crutches like chopsticks.
3. vh1 actually shows videos in the early AM. great! but thumbs down: they're showing robin thicke, who sports the same pumpkin head as his dad, alan. ack! and did i mention that he croons like a girl? dude, get some balls.
4. dizziness and nausea. my sister forewarned me of this, so i'm making sure to wear running shorts (not that i can run 'cuz i can't. but i can hobble!), and i put my cell phone in the pocket whenever i get up. just in case i collapse in the closet. then i can call to alphie, and he can drag me to safety. or at least nibble my toes until i wake up in a puddle of my own drool.
5. i now have 3 separate pairs of crutches. one from spraining my ankle in august of 2002, one from knee incident september 2006, and now one from arthroscopic adventure 2007. maybe if i get artistic in a vicodin/keflex/aspirin/ginger ale haze, i can create some kind of unique crutch art, complete with ace bandages, empty pill bottles, and blue painter's tape (since this stuff can fix anything, even my ethernet cable).

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Brooke said...

I really hope nothing will happen on your visit here to cause another set of crutches, but if it does, the Euro styles are very cool and would only enhance your collection!