playing catch up

i know, it's been a long time since i last posted, but life's been jam-packed full of great tasting goodness! last weekend, todd and i made a quick trip to the east coast and back via virgin america. gotta say, the verdict's still out on VA. the seats were ok, but how can an airline not offer everyone pillows on a red eye? and the satellite tv left lots to be desired (hint to richard b.: it helps if the satellite tv works! otherwise, you're left ordering sprite every 30 minutes and playing some costco-type form of asteroids).

once we got back, we headed over to the treasure island music festival to see clap your hands say yeah and some other bands perform. (cyhsy is also at the independent tomorrow and wednesday!) to cap off our weekend-in-a-blur, we started watching season 1 of heroes while eating heroes! we repeated heroes squared activity this weekend, following trips to the cole valley festival and the autumn moon festival (complete with vegetarian red bean moon cake from lucky creation), to great fanfare from our tummies. i'd post pictures (of the weekends, not our stomachs), but i can't seem to find my memory card or card reader.

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