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late last year, i received an email inviting me to be part of my 10-year high school reunion committee. i sat on it, but finally decided that since i had no plans to go to reunion, i obviously shouldn't be on any committee. in fact, i'm in touch with only a handful of members of my class (and my hands hold approx. 4 people each). that really says something about my school spirit.

earlier this month, i found out that one of my illustrious and well-known classmates intends to attend (does that rhyme?), which convinced me (and another lifer) to throw in the towel and commit to possibly (but not definitely) attending. at that point, i realized that i should probably reply to the original "be on our committee" email, as my mom has instilled good manners in me like taking a hostess a gift and always speeding around elderly drivers (really, you're doing them and your sanity a favor). spooning my soup away from me, though, and performing a perfect foxtrot i learned at cotillion. that, too, i can thank my mom for.

my email reply went something like this:

"I received you email, well, months ago. At that time, I wasn't planning on attending reunion, but as of now I starting to sway to the Maybe/Yes side (specifically if ms. x and ms. xxx attends)! I'm not quite sure I'm the right "kind" of person to be involved, as I left PC after my junior year for college and I'm not sure what I can do out here on the West Coast, but I'd be happy to email others in my class whom I'm still in contact with or help generate ideas of how to "lure" the Class of '98 back to Ft. Lauderdale. Perhaps a Facebook events page? And maybe emails with planning info, hotel discounts/group rates, photos of "way back when," etc.? In the past, I've only received event notices about a month ahead of time, which doesn't make travel planning very easy!"

A few days later, I receive an email to proof. huh? what? and why? well, because apparently now i'm on the official reunion committee. and there's a letter with my and 4 other peoples' names on it at the bottom. like my fair skin and the sun at midday, reunion committee and i don't go together. i'm the girl who ditched her senior year to run as far away from ft. lauderdale as us airways could take her. but now i'm stuck in "pay $75 to relive old and possibly traumatic memories while comparing who has become the most successful/rich/wordly/botoxed/etc." hell. brian promised to give me some "stories" to tell people (and he's a professional writer-- cash cab and trl are on his resume-- with a sometimes dirty mind) so that could be a plus. or maybe i can just tell everyone i invented post-its.

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Brooke Edge said...

No way! You're on the committee?!?! Excuse me while I snicker demonically...