hoppity hop hop

spring is pretty much around the corner (just 20+ days go go!). the other day, my trainer and i somehow got on the topic of bunnies and how they're different from rabbits. from my thorough research, which mainly included entering words into my google search bar and clicking enter, i've found there really is no difference. it's just a matter of preference of us humans.

with that, i thought i'd plug saveabunny, which is a bunny wabbit rescue organization located in marin. i've grown quite attached to a few of the bunnies, at least a few posted on their website, but that's as far as my bunny ownership goes. todd and i are pretty convinced that if we ever adopted a peter cottontail, alphie would either a) attack it with all his might just like he ferociously does with fake mice and stuffed animals or b) bathe it constantly until he threw up bunny hairballs. *ralph*. and neither of those would be too much fun.

to see the fuzzy wabbits at the top, go here.

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