anal retentive

after my camping conversation post, my mom emailed me:

Just so you don’t feel left out, do you remember going out west and getting up at the crack of dawn to float down the river and view wildlife? Or stand by Old Faithful in rain ponchos, or drive through Lion Country Safari in the heat of summer, smelling the odiferous wildlife while they were mating? Camping has different meanings to different people, I thought Mickey Minnie and Donald were pretty wild.

sadly, I don't remember the scent of wildlife going at it as we huddled closely together in our land rover, but i do recall tubing down the snake river and watching ol' faithful spout water tens of feet high. still, neither were camping in the roast-some-stew-over-an-open-fire and build-a-tent-while-fighting-off-bears-and-ticks sense of things.

we did, though, have a very nice time up near bodega bay, camping just about 50 feet from the ocean's edge. all through the night, we heard the whoompfh of the water soaring in and out, which was very calming, sort of like alphie purring at my feet at 3am only with less moisture...

and on our way up to bodega, we drove through sebastopol to try a veg restaurant (yum!), and then we passed by this school. it's real name is analy high school, but some kids went a little happy with their stickers...

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