eye see you

i got my eyes checked last monday, and the eye doc (probably one of the nicest ones i've ever met, even convincing me to let her dilate my eyes and make my pupils all anime for the day) suggested i get reading glasses. she said it'd alleviate some of the strain on my eyes and make up for the slight discrepancy between the two. 5 years ago i had lasik, and, ideally, i thought that i wouldn't need glasses for another 30 years.

so last week, i had to face the music and decide whether to order specs or continue my frame-free existence. i debated going back to the lasik master herself, but hey, my vision was a total disaster beforehand. i couldn't shower without my glasses, which was a massive problem with the bathroom fog, sharp razor blades, and wide array of shampoo, conditioner, and bathroom cleaning products. driving at night, i had zero depth perception, and distinguishing colors of yellow, white, and asphalt felt like taking one of those ink blot tests. in hindsight, perhaps glasses for only reading and computer work wasn't too bad...

with the wind blowing like a she-devil from the west, the end of the world arrived yesterday. or perhaps it's the beginning of a whole new world. i went and picked up my new cocoa-colored metal frames of visionary bliss, ones promising distinct text popping off my computer screen for 8 hours a day, every day.

the huge downside, though, was last night, which went something (sort of) like this.

todd: ahhhh!
becca: what?
todd: take. them. off.
becca: why are you cowering behind the door?
todd: those glasses! ahhhh!
becca: they're just reading glasses. they won't bite you.
todd: you look like a grandma! ew.
becca: well i'll get you, deary. and your little dog-- er, cat-- too! muahahaha!

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