i've got that lovin' feeling

a few weeks back, i was having one of "those days." first i woke up, tried to make french macarons, and after taking a shower, sat down to pet the cat while my hair started to dry. fast forward to approx. 57 min. later when i found myself waking up to a puddle of drool in the general vicinity of my chin and a sleeping kitty at my feet.

an hour later, i tried to rush to work via muni (somehow, i didn't even think to call a cab. getting one near the park at that time of morning normally takes at least a half hour of waiting on hold, followed by the discussion with the dispatch person of where i want to go --"no, not the airport. really. just to work. no. i don't work at the airport."-- and bartering for some sort of pick-up in this decade). downtown, i leaped onto bus #2 at the same time some very homeless dude got on the back door of the second cab. i sat by the back of the first cab, and you know when you get that feeling of "ah, karma!"? well, i got that feeling. he started yelling "jenny!" and pointing. his fingers. at me. "jenny! why did you leave me, jenny?" came bellowing out of his raspy, recently smoke-filled lungs. i did what any good natured san franciscan would do; i ignored him and continued to read my book. but he sat 4 seats away from me, continuing on. "jenny! i've looked everywhere for you. why don't you like me anymore?" the older woman to my left with pink bags filled with green produce and a styrofoam box of lo mein (i know because she opened it to eat it and thought twice as i stared at her, either with disgust or a plea for assistance and rescue- i'm not sure which it was, but there was a look and soon-to-follow eye aversion) started to snicker. i debated getting up and moving, but at this point i only had 2 more stops. it was sort of like the "grease" song where danny sings "sandy" only this smelly thing of a man kept crooning "jenny" at the top of his lungs as our driver pulled as slowly as he could away from the curb and into traffic. luckily, the guy quieted down, but when i got off the bus, he sort of squawked "jenny!?!? don't leave me again! noooooooooooo!" strangely enough, i felt slightly guilty. but also semi-mortified. and still, late for work. but at least i felt loved.

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Mom said...

I love you.....Jenny