i'm a game-her.

a few weeks ago, the wonderful women at brand about town hosted my nintendo party, officially titled "a girlfriends' guide to gaming." as you may know, i rounded up almost 30 women and we made our way down to dogpatch studios on the east side of portrero hill. i've never been down to the dogpatch (i've driven past it, but that's about it), and i didn't quite know what to expect, but i knew there'd be no dogs. ruff.

everyone seemed to have a lovely time, and how could we not? we were greeted at the entrance with a sandwich board dedicated to me (which is very hard for an introvert to digest...) and sped up in the elevator to the 2nd floor where we were immediately impressed with the whole shebang, which included an amazing light-filled loft space decorated with furniture, rugs, tables brimming to the edges with game-related gear (like brain books for brain age!), simple yet elegant flower arrangements, and a corner "bar" area featuring champagne, wine, sodas, appetizers, and amazing desserts.

the staff set the room up with very comfy L-shaped couches (note to self: a-line skirts and low-to-the-ground couches don't mix! nor does anything with those "men in black"-inspired mini rump stumps-- see the white things in the background!), and each couch served as a different game station. as each woman completed or played at each station, she received an adorable little charm for our charm bracelets (it's like elementary school, only WAY better). and gimmicky, yes, but still incredibly fun:) at the end of the night, everyone was gifted with their own personal nintendo ds lite.

there wasn't much more i could ask for. not only did i thoroughly enjoy myself, but i also met lots of friends of friends (and some friends of friends of friends). normally, i'm totally skeptical of free stuff, viral marketing, and such, but as a brand enthusiast, i feel like there's no catch. well, except for those short couches. and for nintendo's sake, i'm willing to ignore that.

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