working girl

recently, i've been getting a bunch of telemarketing calls on my cell phone, with people on the other end by the names of joe, jon, angela, and mick telling me that they're so glad i submitted all of my personal deets to them via some super secretive online form. soon i'll be rolling in tons of cash thanks to my new home business! and they're stoked that i've asked for help! their help! via a CD! or a video seminar! or a book! and for the low cost of $19.99 or $89.95 or my first three children plus a cassarole, i, too, can become a successful business person.

only i never submitted my full name, cell phone number, or address to anyone online. and i don't own or want to start my own business. i like my current line of employment just fine, thank you. and i'd like to be removed from these lists. and why don't dial tones ever respond to my requests?

i wonder if aurora, a new housecleaner in our neighborhood with an original marketing plan, bought into one of these schemes...

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