it was still a pretty good week

in the past week, i have:

1. told a canadian customs agent that i had never, ever been to canada before, when in fact, todd and i visited montreal in july 1999.

2. entered a (canadian) restroom to find 2 stalls without locks. one toilet had no seat. the other had a seat, but a door that barely closed. i exercised option b, using one hand to hold the door and the other to navigate way down there. as i left through the wooden double-doors, wyatt earp-style, i realized that i had used the men's room. the women's was down a separate hall with a sign that said, "chicks." my crass bathroom had no sign, but maybe needed one labeled "sticks."

3. accidentally brushed my teeth with finacea instead of toothpaste.

4. went to make a pizza, but found i had put the packaged dough in the freezer instead of the fridge.

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