mascara 101, day 1

i'm on the prowl for a new mascara. i loved my old clinique standby for work, but when it ran out, i wondered if i could do better. i tried to go the drugstore route, but apparently walgreens doesn't restock often, so the tubes of l'oreal and maybelline i bought were pretty dry. then i tested some vegetarian mascara, but the stuff just wouldn't stick. i'm sorry, animals, but i can't pull off the raccoon look like you can.

cue sephora, who hasn't yet sold-out with it's latest round of "lash stash." i tried to buy the first one months ago, which featured eight mascaras, but it sold out in a snap. now it's back with 10 sample-sized mascaras, each good for at least several trial runs. could it be any more perfect? i think not!

today's lashes featured vincent longo's the curl mascara. i liked the brush: thick bristles with a curved applicator. but the mascara itself didn't do much for me. maybe i need to layer it better? or pump the brush more? i think this one deserves a second go.

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