all dressed up

oh, bluefly. you cease to amaze me. here i am, spending a few minutes looking for inspiration for a holiday party outfit, and you present me with some amazing choices!

like this olivey flowing michael kors headscarf number. nothing says 80s dress barn meets matchy-matchy quite like this outfit. heidi and tim would be proud, michael. proud to call you "out." oh, and it retails for an ungodly $2k+. go figure.

next up, catholic school girl goes amish. am i missing something here? is this really all that callixta could think of when presented with grey cashmere? because i'm pretty sure i could have made this in elementary school art class with some felt, safety scissors, and elmer's. only i would've thrown in some purple and red sparkles to add some class.

and last up, vera wang od-ed on orange fanta, leading her to whack her head on some charcoal sticks and go into in a heroes-like painting trance. the product: this futuristic dress of death. thankfully, she's eco-minded and included a reversible trash bag for easy storage. smart thinking, vera!

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