mascara 101, day 8

my focus has been elsewhere lately. work was crazy busy, and now i'm hanging for a few days in south florida with family before a 5-day conference at disney world. for the next 7 days or so, i won't be testing mascara. it's just not fair with the humidity and all. gotta keep my research design somewhat intact! before i left, i testdrove tarte's lights, camera, lashes mascara (which is green in the lash stash kit, but purple as a fullsize. what gives, tarte?). the bristles are small, and the mascara coats pretty well. i felt like i was getting some lengthening and thickening going on. by 5pm, my lashes held up well, plus my eyes looked pretty together after an additional hour+ at the gym.

i took these photos with the dslr, which doesn't give you a preview of what you're shooting (that and a mirror really came in handy with my panasonic). i'm impressed that i could shoot my own eyes, although with many, many tries.

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