there-a-flew your foot into mouth

last night todd and i went to a pakistani muslim wedding down in fresno. all things considered, we arrived home around 1AM unscathed. well, except for these two occurances:

1) the groom's mom mistakenly thought that i was part of the hotel staff, and asked me repeatedly to refill the buffet. could this have been because i was one of three white girls in attendance? or did my massive fro just scream "fresno born and bred"?

2) todd struck up a conversation with two women who were friends with said groom's mom. one in particular took hold of the conversation, and todd, being the nice guy that he is, asked how long she'd been here in the us. 20+ years, she said. and then she said how she was from india, but sick. todd replied like any good gringo. "oh, i'm sorry!" to which she counteracted with "but why? i'm so happy!" sikh, todd. not sick.

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