saving face

i have serious issues with facebook, primarily the ads. sure, it's sort of obvious, but ads are the driving force of everything free these days. well, except public transit... why can't diet dr. pepper sponsor my bus? i'd be more willing to drink it (the soda, not the bus) than when it sponsors the sugar-free top chef quick fire challenge.

oh, and facebook etiquette. like, do i only become "friends" on the site with my actual, real, live friends? because then i'd have about 10 actual facebook friends and those 10 people would then be faced with the sad, hard fact that i only have nine other friends and i'm a closet loser. or do i accept every "friend" request that pops into my inbox? and how do i politely say no to the random guy i went to elementary through high school with who, once we turned 10, never gave me the time of day except to tell me, in 5th grade, that my hair looked like a dried up bird's nest?

with that in mind, this arrived in my inbox yesterday. gee, thanks loehmann's, for wanting to be my facebook friend! now i feel special. like a special loser who loves discounted merchandise.


Brooke Edge said...

Here's a question - what do you do if your father-in-law friends you? I've held out without a response for about a week now...

Becca said...

that's a tough one! my mom and her boyfriend are my facebook friends, but I said no to other family types whom I'm not that close to. maybe you could thank him, but gently say that you maintain your facebook page mainly for your friends from high school and college... and to keep updated on your nyc escapades, he should keep an eye on your blog?