the shopping cart song

while waiting to check out at whole foods the other day, i mentally composed a grocery-related rap. song. rhyming thing.

i got 'chu egg to the plant, some leeky leeky leeks,
some mush in the rooms, no potatoes- they go squeak
when you heat them in the oven
check it-- two kinds 'a tofu dogs
a bottle of tasty EVOO
and some yellow popcorn
[pause to review receipt and tap foot: 1-2-3-4]
gotta toast the israeli couscous over *bang* low heat.
then warm up some buns
made of honey whole wheat.
four meals for three* plus today's vegan soup lunch
add in some staples,
it came to seventy bucks.
not too bad
not too shabby
maybe now my tummy won't
be so crabby.

*me, todd, and his other appetite.

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