we go to tahoe

we took our first trip to tahoe this past weekend and celebrated todd's friend's 30th birthday with some chilly but lovely weather. photos can be seen here, but i thought i'd highlight a few of my favorites.

scrapbook lovers know that if you're going to scrap anywhere, it'd better be in tahoe.

how does someone gas up 20 feet away from the pump?

should i have a moment of weakness and want to idolize mc hammer on the slopes, now i know where to shop.

for some strange reason, i had no urge to go buy bagels here.

todd whipping down the run at hansen's and almost taking out a 10-year-old around the corner.

and here i go!

no, my shirt and jeans didn't "go"-- they just got mildly damp tubing.

one of my favorite vistas. this one's from the far side of the tubing hill.

the ominous view from the highway on our way through rural sacramento.

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