a collage of college

ten years later, i google myself and find out that that news reporter i chatted with way back in college actually referenced me. thank goodness for cyberspace.

in other news, todd and i took an event-filled trip to the green, gold, mountainous, and flat parts of the non-d.c.-ed washington state a few weeks ago. more about that soon, but this index card summed up, in 100 words, the university area of seattle. click on it for a larger version.

lastly, today i tried to log in to my undergrad alumni association's website, but my password had expired. what's that, becca? click on the "forgot my password 'cuz i didn't update it before it went kaputs" link? ok... enter name, check. enter email address, check. i'm on a roll! a ciabatta roll! a whole wheat ciabatta roll! what, those don't exist? i don't care, make it a load-up-on-processed-carbs roll! i'm rolling with the homies [waves hands to the right and left, a la clueless]! enter year of graduation, check. enter student ID... WTF? how am i supposed to remember this 8-digit code that i haven't used to buy nachos and check out old dusty books with for eight years? and what do the 80-year-old women do when they forget their student ids? or are they so ancient that they get numbers like 112? because that'd be much cooler and easier to remember. for example:

student worker: connecticut college bookstore! how may i help you?
'29 graduate: yes, i'd like to order a bedpan, some polident, a lifetime's subscription to reader's digest, and a pair of conn college granny panties, size small.
student worker: ok, and how would you like to pay for that?
'29 graduate: put it on my student account: #00000112.


mom said...

those doesn't exist? is this correct tense?

Becca said...

that's what i get for trying to over-multitask! it's now fixed.