dance flash @ the appeal: smuin ballet's fall/winter season 2009

this week's dance flash: smuin ballet's fall/winter season, which kicks off this weekend at the palace of fine arts.

"...Smuin's 'Medea,' follows a storyline that trumps even the juiciest of the original 'Melrose Place': there's love, lust, adultery, jealousy, rage, and mass murder. On Sunday, Susan Roemer's drama-queen Medea conveyed strength and a bald-Britney-wielding-a-baseball-bat-like craziness. True, I was saddened when she killed the Princess just steps from my feet, but minutes later, I was secretly rooting for her as Aaron Thayer's Jason met his demise. That debbie downer didn't last long, though, as the dancers took a short break and soon had me tapping my toes as they tossed their hats, twirled and waltzed across the floor, and strutted along to some of Frank Sinatra's best in Smuin's 'Fly Me to the Moon...'"

For the complete preview, go here.

Photo: Scot Goodman

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